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Why Choose Us Metaecu specializes in chip tuning all cars, motorcycles and boats! Of course we do much more, such as disable EGR system, switching off Vmax (speed limiter), disable DPF, Pops & Bangs and many more useful options. We also can come to your location with an additional cost. At Metaecu you are entitled to a 3-year warranty on the software we program. Please note: we do not give a warranty on the engine, turbo and drive train including clutch, electronic defects or wear.


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Service that can be organized according to the needs, demands and expectations of the customer

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Certified WinOLS Training

Metadiag Bilişim Teknolojileri offers improve software solutions to enhance the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Having 13 years of experience in the sector and in 2021 Award Winner Automotive Technologies Software Solutions Brand of the Year with our professional team carefully preparing files tailored to the needs of your vehicle to take its performance to the highest level or emission solutions. Feel the difference with METAECU team !

What is chip tuning?

In short, chip tuning is rewriting the standard factory software to optimize the performance and power of your vehicle. Every car manufacturer uses a margin when adjusting the software; as a result, the settings are never optimal. With careful adjustment of this software (chip tuning or remapping), the control changes and the performance improves considerably. More torque, higher speed and lower fuel consumption.

Other adjustments

When adjusting the software of a vehicle, the connection is quickly made with chip tuning; up to 30% more power and a higher top speed. But adjusting the software gives many more options to get the best out of the vehicle. By adjusting the software, the EGR valve can be switched off, the start/stop function can be switched off, the response of the gearbox can be adjusted and much more.

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