Why Choose Us

Metaecu specializes in chip tuning all cars, motorcycles and boats! Of course we do much more, such as disable EGR system, switching off Vmax (speed limiter), disable DPF, Pops & Bangs and many more useful options. We also can come to your location with an additional cost. At Metaecu you are entitled to a 3-year warranty on the software we program. Please note: we do not give a warranty on the engine, turbo and drive train including clutch, electronic defects or wear.

Chip tuning Stage 1

Stage 1 includes a special programming to be made to the engine management system of your vehicle, where parameters such as injection and ignition will be changed. All parameters are customized for your vehicle and at this stage, all settings are in accordance with the manufacturer's standards and at a safe level. Stage 1 means 100% confidence, in short, more driving pleasure without worry.

Pops & Bangs

Pops and bangs are currently a big hit and you can of course have Metaecu apply this technology to your car. Do you want your car to also give loud bangs while driving away? We also call this Pops & Bangs, Crackles, Burble on overrun.

Turn offEGR valve

The EGR valve is replaced or cleaned during regular maintenance. These costs range from €200 to €800. Switch it off. As a result, all occurring EGR valve problems or EGR malfunctions are permanently excluded.


In our database, we have files that disable DPF (FAP) maps on the huge range of vehicle models. Our engineers are constantly working to keep the database up to date. You can register immediately to reprogram your ECU and disable the DPF regeneration process.

Stage 2chip tuning

For those who want more than our Stage 1 treatment, we have an option called Stage 2, which is created by improving a number of parts around the engine. Primarily these are the air filter and the exhaust. Many air filter systems are restricted to reduce the intake noise of the engine. By installing a sport filter or a special intake system, we can help the engine get more air in and get a nice power boost. The same applies to the exhaust system. In our Stage 2 application, we again maintain the manufacturer's safety standards, but in some cases we may need a few extra reinforced parts (e.g. clutch system, dump valve, etc.). The recommended parts must be replaced at each stage.

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