A capital gain between 10% and 20% is almost always feasible with chip tuning. Have you found a chip tuner that is very different from this standard, be alert. Nowadays, it is very easy to buy cheap tuning software that are not at all safe for your car. Always choose an authorized chip tuner that uses high-quality software.

Chip tuning gives you more power from the engine. This means that your engine will have to work less hard for the same result. Savings between %5 and %15 are feasible for diesel engines. This is a bit lower for petrol engines and is feasible at most %5. Please note, however, these figures are never guaranteed as there are multiple factors affecting this margin. Think of driving behavior, whether driving on highways or within built-up areas, how heavily loaded the car is, etc.
The power and torque indicated by your chip tuner is usually the maximum they find responsible for your vehicle and engine. If you prefer less power and / or torque than what is indicated, you can always do that. For other wishes or custom requests, we recommend asking your chip tuner what the options are.
We realize that your car is important, if something goes wrong it can be very expensive. The “ ready-to-use ” chip tuning software that can be bought for €10-50, - may save in the wallet, however, you have absolutely no insight into the quality and security with which it has been developed. An incorrect modification or a low-quality adjustment can cause major damage to your vehicle. These modifications are often not tested on real cars, and adjusted without knowing whether the adjustment will work and it is developed with minimal chip tuning and car knowledge. However, you only know what you have in your hands when your car is chipped and then it can unfortunately be too late. The software can affect your engine management system and cause other irreversible damage to your car. When choosing a chip tuner, always ask where they got their software and if it has been extensively tested. This way you can be sure of a quality tuning without jeopardizing your car. Chip tuners such as Metaecu Software team develop their own chip tuning software from start to finish and test it extensively on real cars before it is marketed. You are 100% assured that you are dealing with chip tuning software of very high quality and of course a lifetime warranty
When you arrive at an authorized chip tuner, they will always keep your original software. This is in case, for example, that your vehicle has to go to the manufacturer and you want the software to be replaced to default before you pass. The chip tuning software can then be reloaded. This is a free service for most chip tuners. Always ask whether there are any costs involved in not standing in front of surprises.
When you bring your car to the service for a turn, for example, they naturally carry out standard tests to check whether everything is working properly. It is possible that they also perform a software update to ensure that your car is completely up to date. However, with this software update, any tuning or other software adjustment ( and ) is overwritten. This can be very annoying, but not irreversible. Contact the company where you had your chip tuning carried out for their conditions, but almost every professional chip tuner offers in these cases the service to reload the chip tuning software free of charge, so that you can get back on the road quickly!
Everything that contains software can actually be adjusted. However, this does not mean that all adjustments are suitable for every vehicle. Always check the options for your vehicle before making an appointment. You can find all the options for your vehicle in our website or can ask us directly. Other options, in addition to more power and torque by means of chip tuning are: EGR delete DPF delete Pop & Bangs Start / Stop delete Transmission tuning AdBlue delete Deactivate cylinder shutdown For detailed information on each of these options, get in contact with us.
If you feel that the car is not performing as expected after performing a chip tuning, please contact your tuner. You must have full power immediately after a chip tuning. A defective sensor or turbo pressure leakage may be present. Your tuner can check this and possibly test it on the dynamometer.

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